This is a simple, tender and joyful Christmas song that was written in 1950 by (Geraldine Schuman) a nineteen year old Bettendorf Carmel Novice. It is to the music of Good King Wenceslas. We like to sing this song every year and hear again its delightful story.


Christmas Allegory

A Christmas Allegory With A Liturgical Meaning

(melody: Good King Wenceslaus)


1. "You're summoned to a Judgment Ball," * King's

messengers informed me. * It's held tonight in

Heaven's Hall, * We thought you'd best forewarned

be * The Mother Queen and Infant King * Will be

there to give prizes * To angels and to saints alike

* to suit their virtue's sizes.

2. Then, haste I to my closet small * For virtues to

adorn me, * But found my virtues one and all, * Most

dusty and forlornly. * Yet, in a corner of that nook,

* I found what made my heart glad: * A little ring

of golden Hope, * The dearest thing that could be


3. So, in my rags I set me out, * The Hope-ring on my

finger. * It lighted all the dark about, My steps

they could not linger! * And soon unto the Hall I

came, * Its windows were a-twinkle, * With virtues

glowing from within, * And Christmas lights


4. The saints and angels who were there, * Were dancing

for the pleasure * Of Mother Queen and King most fair, *

The joy it had no measure. * When at the voice of

angel bright, * All present made procession, * Before

the wondrous Throne of Light, * To win the King's


5. "I judge you worthy of My peace," With pearls He

decked that blest one. * "I give you life that will

not cease," * And diamonds graced the next one. * And

gems of every sort and kind * He poured upon those

present, * And thanked Him, all that company, * With

gratitude incessant.

6. But I in shame bemoan-ed me * For what of good could

rags win? * The King sat throned in sanctity, * I

dared not to approach Him. * Then, sudden gleams from

off my ring, * Upon His Eyes alighted, * And straight

He called me unto Him, * And went I though most


7. The Little King was startled quite * To see my

poor appearance; * The Mother Queen was sudden

white, * My faults had such adherance! * But still

the Hope-ring brightly shone, * Till pity moved the

Mother, * She spoke a word in Kinglet's ear, *

-Twixt fear and Hope I shuddered!

8. "The greatest treasure of them all * Is judged to

be your prize, child. * Redemption had the highest

worth, * Its jewels to the skies piled. * And I,

Myself the Judge and Prize, * Will straight away

adorn you, * And in My Love will dress you up, *

When of your rags I've shorn you."

9. The Mother Queen bid me come up * And stand before

her Kinglet. * (And I most surreptitiously *

Touched every golden ringlet!) * He more than

amply filled His words, * And was Himself my

treasure, * And on my heart He wrote the words: *


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